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Our microscopes are a helpful system that enables us to see the minute structure of examples at an elevated resolution. In any case, it isn't without hindrances and requires noteworthy assets to buy and keep up the gadget at ideal capacity. The benefits of our range are talked about in more detail beneath. Every one of these microscopes ought to be considered before choosing whether electron microscopy is the correct solution for the current circumstance. A standout amongst the most critical favorable circumstances of electron microscopy is the capacity to create great amplification.

Product Image (RMM-6L)

Portable Grooved Metallurgical Microscope

Price: 101 INR
  • Theory:Metallurgical Microscope
  • Eyepieces:WF 10x & 15x
  • Magnification:40-600x
  • Drawtube:Monocular
  • Objective Achromatic:Semi Plan Objectives M4x, M10x & M40x
  • Illumination:Coaxial illumination, built in LED rechargeable & adjustable
  • Delivery Time:10-15 Days
Product Image (Rxlr-5DH)

Decca Head Microscope

Price: 111 INR
  • Delivery Time:30 Days
  • Eyepiece Tube:binocular
  • Illumination:halogen
  • View Head:multiple
  • Eyepieces:WF10x
  • Theory:Biological Microscope
  • Magnification:1000x
Product Image (Rxlr-5000)

Penta Head Microscope/ Multi view Head Microscope

Price: 111 INR
  • Delivery Time:20 Days
  • Theory:Biological Microscope
  • Drawtube:Binocular
  • View Head:5 View Head
Product Image (RIS-45)

Digital Spinnert Inspection Microscope RIS-45

Price: 210000.00 INR
  • Theory:Other
  • Magnification:50x to 300x
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
Product Image (RPCB - 45)

PCB Inspection Video Stereoscope Microscope

Price: 150000.00 - 250000.00 INR/Unit
Product Image (RTM-900)

Toolmaker's Microscope

Price: 60000.00 - 200000.00 INR/Unit
Product Image (RSP-90)


Price: 100000.00 - 650000.00 INR/Watt
  • Magnification:400X
  • Sensor:CMOS
  • Theory:Stereo Microscope
  • Illumination:LED
  • Drawtube:Monocular
  • Eyepieces:10X
  • Interface:USB
  • Eyepiece Tube:MONOCULAR
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month
Product Image (RTM-99A)

Toolmaker Microscope Large

Price: 200000.00 - 450000.00 INR/Unit
Product Image (RGM-8)

Gemological Microscope

Price: 65000.00 - 85000.00 INR/Unit
Product Image (RM-1B)

Student School Microscope

Price: 5000.00 - 25000.00 INR/Piece
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:5-7 Days
Product Image (RMM-3)

Advance Inverted Metallurgical Microscope with Motorized Controls

Price: 5000.00 - 20000.00 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:100 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:5-7 Days
Product Image (RSM-15)

Stereo Inspection Scope

Price: 250000.00 - 450000.00 INR/Unit

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