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Despite that innovation is always showing signs of change and enhancing, numerous research facilities keep on utilizing our Lab instruments for a long time. Nevertheless, if your hardware has turned out to be outdated, there are a lot of advantages to updating as opposed to making repairs and proceeding to work at a slower speed. These instruments are assuming control increasingly of the subjective, abstract investigation, diminishing mystery and guaranteeing more precise choices. With our Lab instruments always progressing, more seasoned hardware can make information and storing data considerably more troublesome.
Product Image (Model RDSS-1)

Digital Slide Scanner

Digital Slide Scanner RDSS-1 Features:- High Precision Scanning Platform High Speed Scanning Batch Scanning Fly-eye Illumination System 20x/40x Plan Apochromatic Objective Clear, bright and Uniform Imaging Picture Management & browsing

Product Image (RSMP-2S)

Double Disc Polishing Machine Semi Automatic

Price: 545000 INR/Unit

In the preparation process of the metallographic sample, the pre-grinding of the sample is an indispensable pre-process before polishing. After the sample is pre-polished, the effect of the sample preparation can be greatly improved. The grinding and polishing machine is designed by multi-faceted research and collection of opinions and requirements of various users, and completely uses stainless steel standard parts.

Product Image (MM-18)

Hand Specimen Leveler Press

Price: 4600 INR

Specimen leveling press is designed to present a flat sample to the microscope for improve micro-graphs.

Product Image (RS-951)

Bulk Density Apparatus

Price: 60000.00 - 1000000.00 USD ($)/Unit

The system is equipped with microcontroller based digital display for displaying accurate and exact stroke count and soft touch membrane type keys for ease of operation. The system has SET, UP and DOWN keys, for setting the total number of required strokes (Set Count) for the current measurement session

Product Image (RS-1951)

Tap Density Tester

Price: 50000.00 - 100000.00 INR/Unit

* Extremely useful for pharmaceutical labs * 20 x 4 line alphanumeric LCD display with backlit * Rs232 Printer attachment facility * Microprocessor based, easy to use * Power Failure Detection Facility

Product Image (RS - 392)

Dual Channel Flame Photometer

Price: 250000.00 - 500000.00 INR/Unit

- Simple & Easy to Operate - Narrow Band Interference Filters - Accurate Na, K, Ca, & Li Determination - Mixing Chamber Designed For Stable Flame - Concentric Non-Corrosive Nebulizer

Product Image (RS-1361)

Microprocessor Colony Counter

Price: 25000.00 - 500000.00 INR/Unit

Readout 999 to 999999 7-Segment LED Display Auto Marker Pen Audible Confirmation of Each Count Uniform Glare Free Illumination Wolffhugel Glass Grid with Focusing Facility LED Based Illumination

Product Image (RS-1912)

Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus

Price: 595000 INR/Unit

An instrument for the determination of active drug ingredient in any pharmaceutical formulation tablet or capsule as per USP, BP and IP specifications.

Product Image (RS-301,302)

Digital Spectrophotometer

Price: 48000.00 - 65000.00 INR/Number

Digital Spectrophotometer 301 & 302 operates at a wavelength range of 340 nm to 960 nm

Product Image (RS-7200)

pH or mv or Conductivity

Price: 10000.00 - 65000.00 INR/Unit
  • Product Type:NA
  • Type:NA
  • Capacity:NA
  • Display Type:NA
  • Temperature Range:NA
  • Dimension (L*W*H):NA
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:30 Per Month
Product Image (RCM-15)

Round Centrifuge

Price: 2500 INR/Number

The material should be in equal proportion. Incase at times one sample is to tested on the opposite side keep the test tube with water filled in proportionality.

Product Image (RSLWS-MH-40M)

Water Distillation with Metal Heater

Price: 10000.00 - 20000.00 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:30 Per Month
  • Display Type:NA
  • Capacity:NA
Product Image (RSPC-9)

Digital Photo Colorimeter

Price: 6500.00 - 7500.00 INR/Number

Highly sensitive photo sensor and use of latest IC technology makes the instrument highly rugged, and economical in maintenance. A minimum sample volume of 1ml is required to carry out the analysis.

Product Image (Hemoglobin Meter)

Hemoglobin meter

Price: 6500.00 - 7800.00 INR/Number

Microprocessor Based Calibration with Audio Light Source Highly LED

Product Image (RSTI-146)

Laboratory Rectangular Hot Plates

Price: 2600.00 - 24500.00 INR/Number

Body is Fabricated out of thick mild steel duly finished with powder coating

Product Image (RSTI-148)

Heating Mantel

Price: 10000.00 - 20000.00 INR/Unit
  • Capacity:NA
  • Display Type:NA
  • Supply Ability:25 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (RSTI-156)

Magnetic Stirrer

Price: 7500.00 - 35000.00 INR/Number

The intensity of stirring, depending on requirements, can be adjusted with the thyristor zed voltage controller incorporated which also ensures step less adjustments from very low to the maximum agitation.

Product Image (RST-12)

Micro Centrifuge 16000 R.P.M.

Price: 20000 INR/Unit
  • Capacity:NA
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:25 Per Month
Product Image (RST-8 DX)

Revolutionary General Purpose Digital Centrifuge

Price: 28900 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:25 Per Month
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (RST-15)

Haematocrit Centrifuge

Price: 15000.00 - 50000.00 INR/Unit
  • Equipment Materials:Dia Casting
  • Temperature Range:NA
  • Dimension (L*W*H):290*270*240 Millimeter (mm)
  • Weight:9.5 Kilograms (kg)
  • Product Type:NA
  • Color:white and black
  • Type:NA
  • Capacity:NA
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:25 Per Month
Product Image (RVM-20)

Vortex Shaker

Price: 5000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:25 Per Month
  • Capacity:NA
Product Image (RSTI-134)

Serological Water Bath

Price: 5200.00 - 29500.00 INR/Number

SEROLOGICAL WATER BATH a wide range of water bath like Serological Water Bath, Water Bath Rectangular, Precision Water Bath, Tissue Flotation Water Bath, Oil Bath, Water Bath Incubator Shaker etc.

Product Image (RSTI-135)

Rectangular Water Bath

Price: 7500.00 - 24500.00 INR/Number

Rectangular Water Baths are single and double walled convection heated units. Outer body of our serological water bath is constructed out of thick PCRC steel sheet, duly pre-treated with primers for rust proofing and painted with air drying paint /stove enamel/powder coating.

Product Image (RSTI-140)

Incubator Shaker Water Bath

Price: 25000.00 - 45000.00 INR/Unit

Incubator Shaker Water Bath works as a versatile apparatus, which can study on protein coagulation, tissue metabolism and enzymes. This is used in the experiments in need of shaking the subject matter at a constant speed.

Product Image (RSTI-137)

Precision Water Bath

Price: 35000.00 - 52000.00 INR/Unit
  • Temperature Range:100 Celsius (oC)
  • Display Type:Digital
  • Delivery Time:20 Days
Product Image (RHB-10)

Hemoglobin Meter (Sahli's)

Price: 1250.00 - 1950.00 INR/Number
  • Type:Hemoglobin Meter
  • Voltage:NA
  • Material:Acrylic
  • Capacity:Tube 2Nos
  • Dimension (L*W*H):NA
  • Application:Clinical
  • Power:NA
  • Color:Multicolored
  • Delivery Time:2 Week
  • Supply Ability:50 Per Month

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