Advanced Research Microscope

Advanced Research Microscope
Advanced Research Microscope
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Product Code : RXLr-5-Pol
Product Description

World Class 14 BIT Digital Imaging
Best Price to Performance ratio for Research Level Digital Imaging

RXLr-5 Series Research Microscopes have been designed with the most advance RFI Optical System to deliver the worlds highest standard of all-round performance with different microscopy techniques. With plan objectives as a standard for routine observation methods delivering flat and high contrast observation images throughout the field of view. The PlanF and APO Objectives with increased S/N ratio, High Optical Transmission provides excellent resolutions and uniform brightness even for the weakest signals from fluorescence and DIC methods.

RFM-4 Fluorescence Attachment Imagine the clearest, highest-contrast images possible

  • Rotating turret with a capacity to hold upto six fluorescence filter blocks.
  • Protection of light leakage from the housing with advanced design.
  • Excellent fluorescence images with high resolution fluorescence objectives.
  • Digitally controlled power supply with display and timer.

The Epi-illumination is through 100W High pressure Mercury Lamp in a lamp housing attached to the Fluorescence filter block. The exciting light spectrum range is 330nm-580nm. The Fluorescence Light spectrum range is 420nm-650nm. It can include upto six exciting filters with color separation prism Field and iris diaphragm ensure maximum contrast reducing the background noise. Central position provides ordinary transmission light from the base for normal microscopy work. Illumination Box is provided with a power supply of 200V or 110V and HBO, super high pressured sphericalmercury vapor lamp. UV protection screen is provided to safeguard the operator from harmful radiations.


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